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Before you collaborate, you must be independent. I do not collaborate with dependent people. Those thinking they are independent are typically not, including most professionals and professors.

Interestingly, those who advocate collaboration all the time are those that rely on collaboration, not mastering it. They simply are not professional on their area without collaboration.

Collaboration itself is not wrong, but how to collaborate, what to collaborate on, who to collaborate with are crucial to success.

Collaboration should be free, equal. If you have to agree with another simply because he/she is your adviser, you should get out of it.

You are not asking for respect, but do for respect in return. When you find yourself thinking "people should respect me because …", you are not getting there.

1 About collaborate with The Boss

I don't get along with commanders who dictate. I don't like to be bossed around, especially if it means doing something I think useless. So just don't try too hard to force me to do in your way.