Global View

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Global view is a must for pretty much everything.

1 Cognition bias and level

The longest distance between people is the cognition difference.

There is a term called Curse of Knowledge, i.e. a cognitive bias that occurs when the communicating individuals have different level of background cognition. An example given in Wikipedia is that, a brilliant professor might no longer remember the difficulties that a young student encounters when learning a new subject.

I'm talking about a slightly different thing. I don't care about teaching, because I think people should teach themselves most of the time. Thus I only care about communication, and specifically here I'm talking about the cognition bias in communication. I think cognition is strictly leveled: the lower cognition person will never know how a higher one think, but it is exactly the opposite the other way around.

The smartest people are those who can understand when others explain terribly, and can make others understand even if they have an awful understanding ability.

The more I know, the more I know I don't know. I always think there are people who see an entirely different world that I have no access with my current cognition level, but I always want to talk to them and try to improve to see that fascinating world.